What We Offer

You are welcome to hire Metamoderna for talks, seminars and consultancy services. Prices are adjusted for travel expenses, time periods and types of service. Languages are English, Danish, Swedish, German and French.

These are some of the available topics for talks and seminars.

  • “The Postcapitalist Economy” – a new understanding is offered concerning the fundamental playing rules of the postindustrial, global and digitalized economy. This includes the increasing importance of non-economic forms of capital, such as cultural and social capital. We describe the new rules that the games of life are played by, and who can be expected to be a winner in this environment. This new game resembles capitalism in important regards, but is also quite distinct and ultimately poised to outcompete what we habitually think of as capitalism.
  • “The Listening Society” – based upon Hanzi Freinacht’s vision of a future welfare system, this product teaches you perspectives upon, and concrete ideas for, how to dramatically improve the lives of people in affluent societies and support psychological development in the general population.
  • Adult development psychology – there is increasing evidence that humans can develop psychologically, cognitively and existentially well into our adult lives. We offer to teach you some of the simple ways to recognize and understand different forms of psychological development. This is important not only for understanding society at large, but also for successful leadership, management and organization.
  • The metamodern philosophy – our new life conditions necessitate a divergence from the worldviews and attitudes of modern society and the establishment of new ways of thinking. We guide you, in simple steps, from the modern worldview and its philosophy, towards a metamodern view of life and our place in it. It is certain to shift your perspective for years to come.
  • The challenges of migration – we guide you through the challenges of migration and integration from a metamodern perspective and argue an original progressive viewpoint that is not found elsewhere in today’s political debates. This perspective includes aspects of how human minds and cultures develop and forges new paths towards successful cultural and social integration.
  • Metamodern statecraft – this topic guides you through the six new forms of “metamodern politics”, and how these are interrelated and work together to slowly but profoundly effect positive changes and adaptations of society.

Other topics and seminars have been tailored in accordance to the needs and wishes of clients and partners.

To procure our services, write to info@metamoderna.org