About Metamoderna

Metamoderna is an independent publishing company and think-tank registered in Denmark.

Our goal is to develop and spread the metamodern philosophy and to support movements, governments, NGOs, businesses and networks of individuals in the transition to the digitalized, global and increasingly postindustrial economy.

Politically we are critical but positive towards free markets and entrepreneurship, but we still strive for social justice, environmental sustainability and a robust welfare system. We generally look at more psychological and sociological issues of life and society.

We publish books, papers and articles by progressive metamodern thinkers.

We offer seminars, conferences, talks and consultancy about:

  • The metamodern philosophy
  • Sociological analysis of our current transitional period
  • Developmental psychology and adult development
  • Postcapitalist economics
  • Metamodern activism and “process oriented politics”

We have previously worked with The Nordic Council, Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Harvard Medical School, members of Danish, Swedish and Italian parliaments, the Ekskäret Foundation, Södertörn University and the Swedish Police.

We work in the languages English, Danish, Swedish, German and French.

To procure our services, please contact us at info@metamoderna.org