Advanced Course on Metamodernism Starting January 5th

We’re pleased to announce that Emil Ejner Friis’ first course on metamodernism is almost sold out. The next course is already up on the Dandelion platform. The follow-up course, beginning 5th of January 2022, is an intense deep-dive reserved for just 12 participants interested in a more intimate experience with Emil as your teacher. Here’s what Emil has to offer:

This course is limited to 12 participants ready for a deep-dive into metamodernism, the latest emerging grand narrative of our time. It’s designed for those who’re already somewhat familiar with metamodernism, including the work of Hanzi Freinacht. References will be made to Hanzi’s books, so it’s good to already have them available. This is no requirement, however.

Everyone will have two private 45-minute sessions with Emil, one before the first group session so as to figure out where you are and what you’re interested in, and one after the last group session to wrap up. Additionally, there will be abundant opportunities to ask Emil questions during the sessions. Although the specifics of this course will be tailored to the individual participants and where the discussions take us during the six-week process, it’s guaranteed to go into depth with the following topics:

Hanzi Freinacht’s The Listening Society & Nordic Ideology

  • Too long didn’t read? No problem, Emil got you covered.
  • What people usually get wrong after having read Hanzi’s books.
  • Why Nordic Ideology is a far more important and original book than The Listening Society.

What the Metamodern Stage of Consciousness Entails

  • Who’s metamodern and who isn’t?
  • What the metamodern mind can do that the postmodern cannot.
  • What are metamodern values?
  • The common error of not integrating postmodernism and the problems with regressive metamodernism.

What the Metamodern Stage of Cultural and Societal Development Entails

  • Game Change, how to avoid the traps of Game Acceptance and Game Denial.
  • How to predict the future(s): Attractors Points and how they determine the winners and losers of history.
  • Who will rule the future: The metamodern aristocracy and the role of hackers, hipsters and hippies (and hermetics, the “fourth H”, not mentioned in any of Hanzi’s books).
  • The emerging emotional regime of our times, The Sklavenmoral-regime, and how it will try to hold us back.
  • The increasing intimacy of control: Why we must embrace “creepy politics” to save the world (and how to avoid it actually getting creepy).

Hanzi Freinacht’s Upcoming Book 6 Hidden Patterns of History

  • What is a metameme? And how it differs from effective value-meme.
  • The difference between “hard” and “soft” metamemes. What Faustianism and Modernism have in common, and what Postfaustianism and Postmodernism have in common.
  • Art is always first! How art is always the first place to look in order to spot a new emerging metameme.
  • Why ethics is always last.
  • Development is tilted! The reason why most people can’t see historical development clearly.

Hanzi Freinacht’s Upcoming Book Outcompeting Capitalism

  • Why you cannot abolish capitalism (and why it’s stupid to try).
  • What capitalism really is (most people do not properly understand what capitalism is).
  • The forces that eventually (unless humanity kills itself beforehand) will outcompete and submit capitalism to a new logic.
  • The new emerging class society.
  • Why metamodernism must be postcapitalist.

Where is it all heading? What is the future of humanity?

  • At the end of this course we will wrap up what we have learned and discuss the current trajectory of the world.
  • Your hypothesis for future trajectories will be discussed and analyzed, if you wish.

This is a unique chance to get access to unpublished material and theory that will only be made widely accessible to the public once the next Hanzi books are released.

Emil will adapt the course and its contents to the individual participants. In order to figure out what the individual participants are interested in learning and what they already know, the course will begin with a personal one-on-one conversation with each participant of the duration of 45 minutes. Similarly, every participant will be offered a private 45 minute one-on-one with Emil at the end of the course to wrap up and answer questions.

The course thus contains:

  • 6 x 2½ hour long online session in a group of twelve participants
  • 2 x 45 minutes private session with Emil
  • Access to unpublished theory not found anywhere else (please don’t redistribute)

The main sessions will be held in English, personal conversations will be available in English, German, Danish or Swedish.

About your Facilitator


Emil Ejner Friis (b. 1981) is a theory artist and a teacher of metamodernism, he is a co-founder of Metamoderna and one of the writers behind Hanzi Freinacht. He has spent the last ten years trying to figure out how to create a listening society, a kinder and more developed society that deeply cares for the happiness and emotional needs of every citizen.

He has tried and failed at creating a metamodern political party, he has tried and failed at creating a metamodern IT-company, and he has just plainly failed at ever finishing his not so metamodern university studies by being drawn to all kinds of adventures to try and save the world instead.

When he’s not writing and theorizing from his safehouse in Berlin, he’s conspiring with other metamodernly inclined hackers, hipsters and hippies to outcompete modern society. To pay the rent he sells words, all the best words.

Emil is a skilled and experienced speaker and has a reputation of being quite entertaining and good at making complex ideas easier to digest.

You can follow Emil on his facebook profile here.

Here’s a link to the tickets: